Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring in Florida, Life is Always Good

We had an active weekend here on the farm.  We separated  the remaining heard of mothers from the calves.  Much whaling and baying at the moon.  At one point a 1500 pound pig in cow skin ran over me as I foolishly stood in the gate in a failed attempt to stop her.  Luckily I had perfected my cow herding abilities as a youth, and it only took 6 hours to get her back to the correct pasture.  We have had a two day opera from the black angus girls of Sumterville with the calves providing back up from the back pasture.  By moving moms from the back and the teens from the front to join with the children in he back, we had to have two change of command ceremonies.  Several parades back and forth across the pasture, a lot of banging of heads, shoving and pushing,  The pecking order is still being reassigned as I write this.  During the weekend Snuffy Smith, the male burro, decided that he had had enough and jumped the fence, breaking the top board, and ran ramped thru the neigh-barn-hood, Sugar Baby, the female, decided that she was still in love and reacted loud and clear.  Thru out all of this the dogs acted bravely, barking loudly at anything that had intruded into dog territory, chasing anything that did not chase them.  Max, the big dog, decided it best to dig a very deep hole.  I don't know if he was trying to hide or find something at the center of the earth.

The weather has been beautiful, cool to warm, cool to the point of no mosquitoes.  I really wish that they would restart  the TV ads for the election process.  I do miss watching them.

During the weekend, Zekiel (the buro) and Buck-Shot (the lab) had to inspect an unidentified turtle crossing their pasture.  No problems reported.  Then this winged kid with baskets flew thru my grape vines, but with no grapes this early in the year, he left.  And the final.  Strawberry's for easter.  Delicious.