Friday, May 8, 2009


Some one won the last election.  They are now in power.  They are now enjoying the spoils of their victory.  The auto indusrty (if you dare call it that), is waiting to die.  The united auto workers (the real industry) is scraping around trying to rat hole away as much of my and your money as possible.  The obama man is helping that happen.  Paying back their support during his election and election of many others.  Now the problem arises.  Now the problem slithers down into the dismal swamp without making a visible wave or rip.  We are in trouble.  He has selected a small group to benefit from this nations abilities at the cost of the nation at large.

All great governments have lasted about 200 years.  All great governments have died due to their excesses.  Bloat, large volumes of rancid gas comes to mind, comes to the nose.

Is our government's incomputance based upon our elected leader, or is it based upon his advisors.  We need to determine the problem and destroy the problem before or as it destroys this nation.

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