Friday, May 8, 2009


Some one won the last election.  They are now in power.  They are now enjoying the spoils of their victory.  The auto indusrty (if you dare call it that), is waiting to die.  The united auto workers (the real industry) is scraping around trying to rat hole away as much of my and your money as possible.  The obama man is helping that happen.  Paying back their support during his election and election of many others.  Now the problem arises.  Now the problem slithers down into the dismal swamp without making a visible wave or rip.  We are in trouble.  He has selected a small group to benefit from this nations abilities at the cost of the nation at large.

All great governments have lasted about 200 years.  All great governments have died due to their excesses.  Bloat, large volumes of rancid gas comes to mind, comes to the nose.

Is our government's incomputance based upon our elected leader, or is it based upon his advisors.  We need to determine the problem and destroy the problem before or as it destroys this nation.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I hate to see the demise of the US auto industry.  I hate to see the demise of the uaw, I hated to see the demise of the Edsel, Packard, Studebaker, Nash, Rambler.  They have all gone.  Their failure has had little long term affect.  We have all survived.  We have all prospered.  Not many could tell you who they were, why they were, nor why they are no longer.

This crisis that we are in is termed a crisis because it is now, it is current, it was not yesterday, it is not tomorrow, it is now.  When this pending crisis was discussed in the past it was deemed not a crisis.  It was not currently in effect at that time.
Many are using this crisis as a means of pushing thru what the general public would not tolerate "if not for this crisis".  They are taking advantage of the fear flowing through this country and this world.  As many took advantage of the fear flowing throught this country after the terrible event on 9-11.
Obama's social democracy will lead to mediocracy, failure, unemployment(except by government), higher taxes, inflation, and economic stagnation.  I say this because of the reward system that is being put into place now.  Companies fail, unions choke competition, and the government rewards.  Companies flurish, and the government taxes those companies more to help reward the failures.  The government owes a debt to those who supported its election.  This new open government is not open to tell the people who they owe this debt to, but they are paying it, and paying with your money.