Monday, March 16, 2009

Shuttle-15 March 2009

As Fast As A Speeding Bullet, As Strong As A Locomotive

You can not know what you miss when you do not live in a pasture.  It was an excellent view.  What this represents is years of planning and effort by an agency of our government (yes, some things in it works).  What you see is the sun reflecting off the vapor trail.  Reddish orange color turning to bright white as the vapor trail leaves the pollution of earth and rises to the cleaner altitudes.  And then you have the fire's of separation.  A controlled explosion that renders one into three.  Such as birds and their young, and all parents of all species pushing children up and out of the nest, out of the comfort zone.  That is how life continues.  That is how it moves into the future.  That is how it rises above.  At some expense, at some loss, and at some gain.

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