Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I heard the guy from AIG and I listened, he told the story of people wanting to hang AIG people with piano wire, well if they had started doing that with the Credit Union crisis or the EN-RUIN crisis then it would make more sense.  Well I thought why them, those people are brilliant, they took all that money with out using a gun, just said give me your money, and all the people of wall street did, and all those dudes and dude-ets in congress did.  They just gave them the money.  And listen, they want to give them more,more,more (that indicates plural and indicates that ` the give away is not over yet).  The piano wire is for the congress and the government who continue to operate behind closed doors.  He (big boss) said change, well the name on the door is different, the address and bank accounts are all the same.  Barney (one bullet)Frank is playing the blame game and is in reality Joseph Raymond McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957), who served until his death.  We need mercy on our souls.

This whole deal is to enable them to find another sucker to buy their snake oil, that sucker is you and me.

I impress again, the responsible party is our elected officials.  They said to give credit to anything that can breath.  They wrote the definitions of ARMS:  interest-only adjustable-rate mortgage (just stop and consider for a minute what that means to the economy), also the NINJA: no income, no job, and no assets.  These are real banking terms.  All to fill a need brought about and brought to you by YOUR US Congress aka: your elected officials.  The only way these can work is that the buyer can sell to someone for more than he paid.  That is a pyrimad scheme.  Provided by the US government, your elected officials.

  I impress again, if your elected official supported this spending, ask them to resign.

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