Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The President is on his way to Europe and the G-20 summit.  Hat in hand.  Ready to ask the likes of China, Japan, Singapore (what we used to call those 3rd world countries), to finance this countries bankruptucy.  His first trip to Europe was to a rock concert in Berlin, thousands were there, not to see him but to see and hear the music.  The news media alowed him to take advantage of that situation.  Will the news media allow him to take advantage of this situation ?

The country supports the President.  His approval is high.  Every President is popular until he does something.  There are two or more sides to every situation.  Each time a President acts, he has a slight loss of popularity.  Gets down to basic math, those who  believe likewise and those who believe otherwise.  The otherwise group reduces the popularity slightly.  That is the way it has been for every President.  If you look back over time, the President has spoken in very general terms, no specifics.  Now that is changing.  Good luck Mr. President.

The battered heart of Chevrolet is on the table.  A new face.  I hope a new plan.  Building new cars takes years.  Reducing cost will be painful and many question if GM can do that.  They will or they will die.  At least now they are not saying that it is a lack of financing.  People buy one auto over another because of quality and cost.  Quality is a function of management and workers. Cost is a function of management, workers, and the sales organization.  Workers and management.  These factors are what placed GM into the position they are in.  All of the bailout money in the world will not work if these factors do not change.  GM must be competitive in quality and cost.  The buying public has voted with their money in the past.  The buying public will vote again on who has the best quality and the best cost.  

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