Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The President is on his way to Europe and the G-20 summit.  Hat in hand.  Ready to ask the likes of China, Japan, Singapore (what we used to call those 3rd world countries), to finance this countries bankruptucy.  His first trip to Europe was to a rock concert in Berlin, thousands were there, not to see him but to see and hear the music.  The news media alowed him to take advantage of that situation.  Will the news media allow him to take advantage of this situation ?

The country supports the President.  His approval is high.  Every President is popular until he does something.  There are two or more sides to every situation.  Each time a President acts, he has a slight loss of popularity.  Gets down to basic math, those who  believe likewise and those who believe otherwise.  The otherwise group reduces the popularity slightly.  That is the way it has been for every President.  If you look back over time, the President has spoken in very general terms, no specifics.  Now that is changing.  Good luck Mr. President.

The battered heart of Chevrolet is on the table.  A new face.  I hope a new plan.  Building new cars takes years.  Reducing cost will be painful and many question if GM can do that.  They will or they will die.  At least now they are not saying that it is a lack of financing.  People buy one auto over another because of quality and cost.  Quality is a function of management and workers. Cost is a function of management, workers, and the sales organization.  Workers and management.  These factors are what placed GM into the position they are in.  All of the bailout money in the world will not work if these factors do not change.  GM must be competitive in quality and cost.  The buying public has voted with their money in the past.  The buying public will vote again on who has the best quality and the best cost.  

Monday, March 30, 2009


There exist in Southeast Asia a rat that makes an exponential explosion in its population.  Cycle is about every 46 years if my memory serves.  The place is Myanmar.  West of Thailand, east of Bangladash, the locals live on rice, the rats eat the rice, and other stuff that is growing.  This is normal and goes on year to year.  Then, bam, every 46 years the rat population explodes and the rats consume all, leaving the people to starve, the starving people even start eating the rats to stay alive.  The rats eat everything that the local people live on.  Terrible situation.  No scientific evidence exist at this point in time to connect this action with actions of our elected officials.

R-species:  these species often have a biology which specialises in maximum reproductive potential when the opportunity arrives.  They show periodic population explosions.  Pest and pathogens (disease causing organism) are often r-species.  No scientific evidence exist at this point in time to connect these actions to our elected officials.

I have this recurring dream.  It goes like this.  A pack of rats, all blind-folded, standing in a circle, standing waist deep in rat manure, all stabbing each other in the back.  Then I awake, only to realize that I was dreaming of congress and what they are up to now.  The sad thing is that my dream makes sense.  

Statism: a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.  

We appear to be making progress on our current financial crisis.  We appear to be making progress towards a new world order.  We appear to be making progress towards the future.  None of this is necessarily good or bad.

The future ain't what it used to be.

People need to be aware of what is going on.  People need to be aware of what our leader's are doing.  People need to consider what their actions will bring to us, and how these actions will be brought to us.  Will it be brought down upon us.  We do need change.  We are intrusting this change to the very people who created the need for the change.

Beware.  Be aware.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I heard the guy from AIG and I listened, he told the story of people wanting to hang AIG people with piano wire, well if they had started doing that with the Credit Union crisis or the EN-RUIN crisis then it would make more sense.  Well I thought why them, those people are brilliant, they took all that money with out using a gun, just said give me your money, and all the people of wall street did, and all those dudes and dude-ets in congress did.  They just gave them the money.  And listen, they want to give them more,more,more (that indicates plural and indicates that ` the give away is not over yet).  The piano wire is for the congress and the government who continue to operate behind closed doors.  He (big boss) said change, well the name on the door is different, the address and bank accounts are all the same.  Barney (one bullet)Frank is playing the blame game and is in reality Joseph Raymond McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957), who served until his death.  We need mercy on our souls.

This whole deal is to enable them to find another sucker to buy their snake oil, that sucker is you and me.

I impress again, the responsible party is our elected officials.  They said to give credit to anything that can breath.  They wrote the definitions of ARMS:  interest-only adjustable-rate mortgage (just stop and consider for a minute what that means to the economy), also the NINJA: no income, no job, and no assets.  These are real banking terms.  All to fill a need brought about and brought to you by YOUR US Congress aka: your elected officials.  The only way these can work is that the buyer can sell to someone for more than he paid.  That is a pyrimad scheme.  Provided by the US government, your elected officials.

  I impress again, if your elected official supported this spending, ask them to resign.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another way out of another dilemma

auf mich horen Leute, ascolta me la gente, listen to me people

Ok, I thinkus I got it down, all da cookery shows are concentrate on how git it drunk on minimal wage.  Cheap beer with fancy color s and stuff.  Well what this country needs neow is a large group of people (perferated men) to do the deeds we, this courtry, needs done.  I saids perferated men cause they be the roots of all evil and wrongbin, they should bears burden.  Followeth my plan.

Men in green tights, yea, git up in tights and makeem green, we need a big crew causas like we got a bit lot of stuff to git done.  The real course of duty is to have these guys make these silver bullets.  Hell yes that what I said, silver, the only ones that do a damn good job of killing stuff that needs to be killeded.  No, none of this wooden stakes thru body parts stuff, pure silver, worked for the Ranger, gon works for uss.  Men in green tights to mold, fire, pour, cast, produce those wonderful silver bullets that can cure all our problems.  Silver bullets, works better than spinach, castor-oil, dr pepper, alum, wd40, duck tape, and even most religions.  Seien Sie gewarnte Leute (be warned), this works better with a lots of faith.

Out here in the pasture, we do not let the fox (our elected officials) guard the hen house door.

I do not understand the turmoil over AIG. AIG did what companies do, they made money. Incapable of doing it in the market place, they turned to another source, the elected members of the government of the US. Not the tax payers, the elected officials. Remember that group, write their names down, keep the names handy.  They are the ones that AIG, GM, UAW (all of those bigbigbigger than....) provided funds for election and reelection. I remember an Open Government promise but that is dead on the vine for now.  No one in the administration will discuss who provided money for elections.  

Now pay close attention, take notes.  Now they (our elected officials) are advertising that the tax payers now own the company, they have not provided anyone with guidance on how to "Vote Your Shares", they do not want you to know.  They are advertising that they may withhold any future grafts of money.  This will not punish the exec, nor the elected officials, it will punish the owners of the company. Maybe that is why they are advertising the "tax payers own the company".  Now the elected officials are all saying "yes, I voted on the bill, but I never read it".  I have heard hundreds of times "that is what we need to look at". No,No,No, what we need to look at is why our elected officials "failed to look at"all these things when they should have. Instead they set the frame work for not looking, "we must act immediately or the end of the world is upon us", well they did act immediately and acted in secrecy and the only difference is that AIG is a lot richer, thanks to our elected officials.

AIG exec's have turned the corner with their business. Instead of a more effective business, they have a relatively more profitable business, thanks to a rich uncle. They feel and I agree that they should be rewarded for finding this rich uncle. I feel that the employees of the rich uncle, that being the elected officials, should pay. I have asked my elected officials that supported this give away program to resign and I have praised the ones who fought against the give away. I strongly recommend that we all determine who supported this and ask them to resign. Then work towards never providing them the chance to do it again. However, they will do it again, and again, and again. All under the guise of "the other option is unacceptable".

The true issue facing this country: how do we address our elected government acting in secret, acting with intent to defraud, acting to repay their supporters. It will not be easy. We do not need the people that did so much to create this situation, to have control of getting us out of their situation. Out here in the pasture, we do not let the fox (our elected officials) guard the hen house door.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shuttle-15 March 2009

As Fast As A Speeding Bullet, As Strong As A Locomotive

You can not know what you miss when you do not live in a pasture.  It was an excellent view.  What this represents is years of planning and effort by an agency of our government (yes, some things in it works).  What you see is the sun reflecting off the vapor trail.  Reddish orange color turning to bright white as the vapor trail leaves the pollution of earth and rises to the cleaner altitudes.  And then you have the fire's of separation.  A controlled explosion that renders one into three.  Such as birds and their young, and all parents of all species pushing children up and out of the nest, out of the comfort zone.  That is how life continues.  That is how it moves into the future.  That is how it rises above.  At some expense, at some loss, and at some gain.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Staff & Shareholders in pool area.  Buck-Shot working on his statistical speech.

All the food and drug stained tuxedos have been returned to rental in southern California.  The Harley's are being returned to rental in central Florida and will be move to the next bike week.  The masses are evacuating California and I can only assume that they are headed for Oregon.  Time to get on the boat, on the train, in the bus, or hit the road.  Get to Oregon before the people that bankrupted California get there and do their evil deed.  Unfortunately the Pelosi-Frank-Obama Management Into The Next Crisis Team (PFOMITNCT, best pronounced if you spit as you verbalize it) are not on the bus, train, road, but hopefully they are on the boat.  It is leaking you know.  PS: yes, I am aware it would be normal to list President first, but Pelosi is 5 days older than Frank and they all being union types, she gets top billing.

All of my cows are eating hay and molasses.  I am dreaming of the day my cows will be eating green growing grass.  Hopefully soon.  We had the Ironhorse Farm shareholder meeting the other day.  Most of the cows wanted to move.  Move across the fence, to another pasture, to another day.  Most of the horses, well horses are horses and are not really investment minded, hell, if they don't have green growing grass they will rip up and eat the roots, and kill any chance of future grass.  Sort of like the people in California.  Sort of like PFOMITNCT (did you remember to spit).  But from our shareholder meeting did come one big plan for the future.  You may want to get your pen and paper ready.  We are going to create an entirely new market.  THE LOST MARKET (TLOMA). The cows are enthused over it and said "it will work", the horses said "sounds stupid and it will not work, and did you forget our treats?", the burros said "hell yes, this is do-able, we can sell it to the government, lets have lunch sometime".  Details are still classified (Obama has not put into effect the open government he promised), but the market will be entirely of worthless stock in bankrupted companies.  We will collect them, charge the poor stock holders to pick up the stuff, then we auction it off to the highest bidder.  The government will be the only bidder allowed in this market.  Sort of a reverse of the government saying only fanniefreddieginnymaywestbigmack or enruin can only do the dirty deeds.  As long as the FBI is not allowed to investigate us then we will do well.  Do not forget that this whole crisis was brought to us free of charge by the self regulation of investment banks, and by a multitude of government agencies rushing headlong to put poor people into better housing.  All in all, a decent endeavor.  But financially unsound.  Thanks to Frank and Pelosi and the rest of the elected herd, the thing thrived, grew, and festered.  The overseers saw.  Saw that the things bought some amount of votes.  They developed accounting procedures to account for the uncounted, the un-accountable, and to balance the unbalanced.  Moral hazard: each link in the mortgage chain made a profit while passing the credit risk to the next link in the chain. Structured investment vehicles:  deals with securitization of mortgage loans ....you can just make up about 30 words here, they will work to define it as about as well as any words the government or investment bankers will use.  End result is to take "bad stuff" off the balance sheet.  Replace it with, well nothing bad of course.  Only in America is this not called fraud.  Now Buck-Shot the pasture statistic-politician assures me that he can model the default risks amoung loans in a pool and that.......just make up about 50-80 words for this one and call it "Gaussian copula" this may be where you use your pen and paper.  This song and dance, done with strings and mirrors- sorry about that I got carried away, this technique was used by many who were able to close both eyes at the same time, but was filed in 13 by normal honest people.  It was exposed once everyone started losing money.  Amazing how that part works.  But listen, who was not happy ?  The poor people living well beyond their means were happy, the banks making bad loans but getting rid of the risk were happy, the politicians who were getting re-elected were happy, the CEOs of the banks and fanniefreddieginnymaywestbigmack and enruin that were making about $100,000 a year and getting bonuses of $ 3-700,000 a year they were and most still are happy.
I have some definitions to add but Iggie the cat says that a horse is eating the barn, the cows are planning on jumping over the moon, and the dog's brain melted in the sun.  Normal stuff here at the Ironhorse farm.  I think I better take another look at the balance sheet prior to the next shareholder meeting.